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Jiurong Packaging invites you to participate SIRHA LYON 2023
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From January 19 to 23, 2023, SIRHA LYON 2023 will be held at the European Exhibition Center in Lyon, France.

Founded in 1983 and held every two years in the food capital of the world, SIRHA LYON has become one of the most influential international hotel and food exhibitions in Europe and the world.


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As a global food packaging integrated solution provider that has been deeply involved in the environmental food packaging industry for many years, Jiurong Packaging will meet you as scheduled with environmental food packaging series, party series, baking series and other products.

At that time, we will also bring "New Products of Jiurong Packaging in 2023" on the booth, share with you our latest product technology achievements and solutions, bring a variety of environment-friendly food packaging and one-stop solutions for various industries that need environment-friendly food packaging, and comprehensively demonstrate the strength of Jiurong Packaging.


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In 2023, Jiurong Packaging will also embark on a new journey. Thank all partners and industry colleagues for their strong support and active cooperation to Jiurong Packaging.

In this new year, let's continue to work together for a better tomorrow!

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