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The 133rd Canton Fair was a complete success, see you next stop!
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On April 27th, the second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair was successfully completed. After three years of apartment, global merchants again gathered in the millennium old commercial capital of Guangzhou, forming the largest ever Canton Fair.


Taking advantage of the opportunity created by the Fair, Jiurong Packaging, which has been deeply rooted in the field of environmentally friendly food packaging for many years, has brought series of new products. It not only achieved face-to-face negotiations with many new and old customers in China, but also gained many potential new customers, and attracted many overseas buyers to visit and reached cooperation agreements with them.

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The company’s exhibition hall is located in Hall 14.2 A06-07 in Zone C and Hall 19.1 A01-03&B20-22 in Zone D, respectively. It shows various dining and kitchen products and environmentally friendly food packaging products to global merchants in a comprehensive manner.

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As a brand that has been deeply involved in the environmentally friendly food packaging industry for many years, Jiurong Packaging has made remarkable achievement at this exhibition with its fashionable and trendy-looking, functional products and its enthusiastic staff. It has received widespread attention from industry professionals and on-site customers. And moreover, some overseas customers have directly signed orders on-site to cooperate with the company. 

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At this exhibition, Jiurong Packaging, seizing the opportunity of "Canton Fair, Global Share ", accelerated the expansion of overseas markets, created food packaging application solutions for multiple environmentally friendly scenario, continuously catered to market development trends, and accelerated the layout of domestic and foreign markets.

In the future, Jiurong Packaging will seize the opportunity to rapidly expand its overseas market, constantly innovate in product research and development, channel expansion and other aspects and strive to create a more efficient and convenient model. In doing so, the company  hope to lead the high-quality development of the environmentally friendly food packaging industry through innovation to better serve global customers.

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