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The successful completion of the 131st Canton Fair!
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On the April of 24th 18o’clock , the Canton Fair Official Channel declare that the 131st Canton Fair is completed successfully. 


Let’s look forward to the 132nd Canton Fair.


At the moment of the epidemic, Jiurong Packaging actively participated in the exhibition


Due to the bad effect of the epidemic, the recent 131st Canton Fair was once again held online.


Although the epidemic prevent us from facing to each other, it can not obstruct the global transaction. Since the 127th Canton Fair in 2020, a new mode of online exhibition has been opened for the first time.The Canton Fair is held by a different way now, which is “screen to screen” in stead of the previously “ face to face” .


In 10 days, almost 25.5 thousands enterprises from the domestic and foreign and the buyers who came from all over the world gathered in the online platform, and Jiurong is one of them who participated this Canton Fair online by the way of “screen to screen”.


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Maintaining interaction and effective communication to promote cooperation


Some time ago, the sudden epidemic broke the tranquility of Guangzhou.


Jiurong has tried its best to reduce people gathering and assist in epidemic prevention and control. From April 13,  Jiurong asked all employees to work at home to reduce the risk of spreading the virus caused by commuting and gathering together.


However, it’s a new challenge for the Canton Fair live show because of working at home suddenly.


Jiurong's original plan was to arrange colleagues to make a live streaming and introduce products in the live room of the Canton Fair. However, because of the sudden epidemic, working at home means not being able to return to the company for live streaming. Therefore, our team discussed some measurements to deal with this situation immediately and decided to replace live streaming with recording to firmly catch the chance of online exhibition on the Canton Fair.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20220429- (1).jpg


Therefore, on the day before working at home, the team worked overtime to record the introduction video of the products and upload it to the backstage of The Canton Fair.  At the same time, our colleagues was following up the real-time situation of the exhibition 24 hours a day even though they worked at home, and they also timely replied to the inquiries of customers.


Fortunately, the epidemic prevention and control work in Guangzhou is very fast. On April 18, Jiurong finally returned to the office to work as usual, and we also can make a live streaming to introduce our products.  With the help of live streaming, our team can not only fully demonstrate the environmental concept of Jiurong packaging, but also keep the interaction with customers to promote communication and cooperation.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20220429- (1).png



Technological innovation improves customer’s trade experience


Having the experience of participating in several online exhibitions at the Canton Fair, Jiurong has upgraded our technology to create a VR panoramic virtual exhibition hall to show our products.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20220429- (2).png


This online display mode breaks through the limitations of time, space and region, highly restores and creates immersive virtual exhibition space, which makes up for the limitations of offline exhibitions to a certain extent. Through virtual VR technology, we can know the Jiurong Packaging online, and bring more immersive exhibition experience to the visitors.


/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20220429- (3).png


How to enter VR showroom

scan this QR code to enter VR showroom

/upload/12cc96cf-7ccf-430b-a54a-e1c6f04690c1/JiuRong/Exhibition Reports/20220429- (4).png


About Jiurong

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Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging co., LTD. Was founded in 2006, which is insist on the concept  of healthy, low carbon, environmental protection and green development, and it always focus on environmental protection food packaging design, research and development. It produces the environmentally friendly food grade packaging,such as paper straws, paper cups, paper boxes, paper bags, etc., and We drive comprehensive solutions for environmental protection packaging with innovation, and promote a green development and environmentally friendly lifestyle of "replacing plastic with paper", so that environmentally friendly food packaging can originate from nature and return to nature.

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