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About Us
Be Committed to provide eco-friendly food packaging solutions
To promote a green and circular development of food packaging by using modern technology.
About Us
Be Committed to provide eco-friendly food packaging solutions
World-class Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging Solutions Integrator
Founded in 2006, Jiurong Packaging adhering to the concept of healthy, low-carbon, environmentally friendly circular economy, has always focused on the design, research and development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly food packaging, with a wide range of environmental protection packaging solutions to lead the public to a green and healthy life.
17 Years of Focus on Moving Forward
Jiurong packaging has a 56,000 square meters of international standardized production base, the world's advanced and complete sets of equipment for food packaging production, thousand-class dust-free purification workshop, all together built a strong production and processing capacity of Jiurong.
International Quality Witness, World-Renowned
Jiurong has passed the ISO9001, BSCI, FSC, FSSC22000, as well as HACCP successively, Achieved the integration with international industry standards, products are exported to all over the world
What can we do for you?
From plant-degradable paper straws in breakfast soy milk to takeaway kraft paper boxes for cuisine, from disposable eco-friendly paper cups for coffee and milk tea, to paper trays for birthday cakes, we bring you a variety of environmentally friendly disposable food packaging, so that each buyer can have a healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly choice.
Using Less Plastic, We've Been in Action
Since 2006, Jiurong Packaging has been developing environmentally friendly and efficient food packaging solutions that reduce environmental impact step by step through the use of these compostable, biodegradable, eco-friendly food packaging.
About 1,000 tons of plastic can be used less each year,
equivalent to the size of more than 10 aircraft.
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