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Review of the exhibition----the Hainan exhibition ends perfectly
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From November 3 to 5, the 2021 Hainan (ASEAN) hotel and catering supplies Expo, Hainan (ASEAN) building materials and Furniture Decoration Expo and Hainan International Beverage Expo were grandly held in Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The integration of multiple exhibitions has brought a wonderful Feast integrating commerce, exchange, negotiation and cooperation.


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All the encounters are a long-term reunion. The three-day 2021 Hainan exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you for your guidance, new and old friends, as well as every customer's trust and support!



Grand Occasion Scene


Looking back on the scene, there was still a roar of voices and the flow of exhibitors shuttled back and forth. Although it is only three days, Jiurong's booth has always been a popular gathering place.


Complying with the requirements of the current plastic ban order, Jiurong continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, and is committed to developing more environmentally friendly food packaging solutions. In this exhibition, Fowa brought a variety of environmentally friendly food packaging and one-stop solutions to various industries that need environmentally friendly food packaging, fully demonstrating the strength of Jiurong.


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The perfect appearance of this exhibition has attracted wide attention from the industry, attracted many exhibitors, media and customers to stop for detailed consultation and negotiation, and gained wide recognition from customers and guests from all over the world!


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The four-day exhibition provides us with a broad platform to show the world our professional strength in the environmental protection food packaging industry. The exhibition ends perfectly and the splendor continues. Jiurong will not forget its original intention, forge ahead and provide more and better solutions, products and services for customers in the environmental protection food packaging industry and other industries.



About Jiurong Packaging


Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd. is a world-wide food packaging enterprise in China. Adhering to the green development concept of health, low-carbon and environmental protection, it has always focused on the design, R & D and manufacturing of environmentally friendly food packaging, driven by innovation, and led the public to embrace a green and healthy life.


Jiurong has an international standardized production base of 26000 square meters, a complete set of global advanced environmental protection food packaging production equipment and a thousand level dust-free purification workshop. It promotes production capacity with sophisticated equipment and technology, and integrates the concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy into each link of packaging products.


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