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A wonderful review of the 132nd Canton Fair, looking forward to our win-win cooperation!
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On October 24th, the live streaming of the 132nd online Canton Fair has come to an end. Although there is no offline exhibition in this Canton Fair, the online exhibition will continue until March 15th, 2023. You can still meet us on the cloud network of the Canton Fair.


Over 35,000 domestic and foreign companies participated in the Canton Fair, and companies from all walks of life brought their latest achievements together. In this year's cloud internet live streaming room, our sales elites from Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd., planned ahead of time, formed a team, made full preparations, and showed the company's comprehensive strength to global customers with the greatest efforts and sincerity.


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Relying on strong independent R&D and design capabilities,  Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd., has always adhered to the continuous innovation and breakthrough of products, and integrated sustainable concepts into product design. This time, it also launched several new products with different characteristics in the live broadcast room of the Canton Fair.


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Bamboo pulp paper of knife, fork and spoon

It is made of pure bamboo pulp base paper, which is naturally free of additives and retains the natural quality of bamboo fiber. And it does not contain any plastic ingredients, it is degradable and renewable, and it can be degraded directly by inserting it into the flowerpot after use.



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Fixed-point printing paper straws

Made of environmentally friendly food-grade base paper, it can be degraded by household compost or industrial compost after use, without causing pollution to the environment. The printing pattern is clear, and the color of the brand image can be customized to enhance the visual effect and further increase the brand recognition.



Since this Canton Fair is still an online exhibition, we focus on how to better display products and communicate with foreign businessmen. This time, we also upgraded our live broadcast room, optimized the live broadcast equipment and scenes, and better displayed our products for customers. At the same time, we created a cloud exhibition hall through VR virtual reality technology to present our company's office environment and enterprises in multiple dimensions. strength.



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During the exhibition, the live broadcast room of Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd., attracted reporters from the Greater Bay Area TV Channel to interview and report. The deputy general manager of Jiurong Packaging, Ms. Yu, introduced the environmental protection food packaging of Jiu Rong Packaging to the media reporters who came to interview.


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Screenshot of the news report of "City Special Search" of the Greater Bay Area TV Channel


Although the 132nd Canton Fair has come to an end temporarily, our progress will not stop. In the future, Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd., will uphold its original intention, grow together with more partners, work together in the environmental protection food packaging industry, continue to provide customers with one-stop environmental protection food packaging, and create more value.


Thank you for meeting and looking forward to our win-win cooperation!



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Guangzhou Jiurong Packaging Co., Ltd., established in 2006, adhering to the green development concept of health, low carbon and environmental protection, has always focused on the design, research and development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly food packaging, and produces environmentally friendly products including paper products, degradable coating products, etc. Food packaging products, such as paper straws, paper lunch boxes, paper cups, paper bags, etc., drive comprehensive solutions for environmental protection packaging with innovation, and promote the development of a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle of "replacing plastics with paper", so that environmentally friendly food packaging can come from nature and return to nature.

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